What do you do when your small child was playing with his toy car grows up and wants to drive one? You then have to make the balance between the convenience of letting your child drive about themselves and their safety when behind the wheel. Considering that road users between the ages of 17 and 24 are three times more likely to be killed on Ireland’s roads than all other road users.

However, there are advantages to leaving young people learn how to drive. The director of the Irish School of Motoring, Karl Walsh, says that can be beneficial for a 17 year old to learn how to drive at a young age provided young drivers receive proper instruction and have the right mentality.

In 2011, the Road Safety Authority brought in the Essential Driving Training programme, meaning that all learner drivers must complete at least 12 hours of driving in the presence of a qualified driving instructor once they receive their Learner Permit (previously known as the Provisional Licence).

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