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It’s World Animal Day and in honour of that, we are encouraging you to look after those tails to keep them wagging and you smiling. Our Pets often form an important part of the family and it’s stressful when they are ill or require an emergency appointment to the vets.


What is it?

Pet insurance will protect you from unforeseen financial circumstances relating to your pet, whether they be pedigree or non-pedigree animal. Pet Insurance is a great way to help make sure your pet will receive the treatment they need without giving you the added stress of vet and medication bills.


Is it worth it?

 Many decide that pet insurance just inst worth it as they will not receive back in reimbursements what they pay in premiums and that pet owners with animals that have major illnesses or chronic diseases that result in large or frequent claims are more likely to benefit. Now it is true that most pet owners who purchase pet insurance won’t receive back in benefits what they pay in premiums, but this is true with most insurance, otherwise companies wouldn’t be able to stay in business.


So why buy it?

You buy pet insurance for those unexpected and unavoidable problems that normally you would have trouble paying for.  Pet insurance isn’t for the €150 pet bill but for the €3500 bill of a fracture repair.


Pet insurance provides many with the peace of mind, knowing that they will be able to treat their furry family member in case something unexpected happens and the cost is high.




Many insurance companies with pet insurance often receive calls and letters from distress pet owners who have just lost their companion through illness or injury. Sometimes that call can be the hardest thing they have to do, as it requires them to confirm what they simply cannot cope with, “my pet has died.” They have suffered a very real loss and they require the support and understanding of others.


We at are very aware of this and here are some helpful resources to help you cope with your loss.