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Insurance For The Winter

With the days growing rapidly darker, its work keeping a few safety tips from in mind to ensure that nothing else happens to darker your day or even your week if you are away for a few days. Ireland has been experiencing colder weather than normal and it seems that this year will be no different and one of the main causes of damage to a property is from escaping water or frozen pipes. 

Whether your house is new or old, accidents can happen. I awoke last week for work to find one of my radiator’s burst during the night. Accidents happen, the key is to be prepared and know how to handle these problems if they arrive. 

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes bursting in the Winter

If you are leaving your home for a length of time, even a long weekend, it might be best to turn off the water at the mains and ensure that all pipes are drained. This can be done easily by turning off the water at the mains and letting the water run in all times, baths, showers and by flushing any toilets, this will ensure that all pipes are empty of water and cannot freeze.

If you don’t want to drain your house of water, then another option you have is spread heat through your house. Maybe set your heating system to come on during the day for a set period of time, nothing too warm, just enough to keep the water flowing. But make sure that all radiators are on and that there is adequate fuel supplied.  

If you have an attic door, leave it open when you leave. This will greatly increase the spread of heat throughout the house. 

Home care For The Winter

Make sure that your home is winter ready, by following these handy tips. 

Clean any dead foliage or debris from the gutters around our home, this will allow the free travel of rainwater and stop it overflowing on to your roof. 

Check that your roof tiles and slates are secure, so that no leaks will occur and your roof space will be protected from water damage. 

Make sure that any aerials are secured properly. 

Put those summer toys away, any garden furniture or barbecues should be properly put away in a sealed shed/garage or your home to prevent damage to them and to your home as a result of bad weather.

Christmas Decorations!

It seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year when people decorate their homes. It’s only half way through November and already people are putting up their decorations and Christmas trees.

If you are putting up any outside decorations such as fairy lights, sign posts or other decorations, make sure they are all secure.

Next make sure that all electrical decorations, such as fairy lights or that 6ft Santa display you just bought has a tight connection and are properly secured and turn off all electrical decorations when you aren’t at home. 

Inside your home, make sure that all sockets are clear of debris and aren’t overly plugged in to. Never leave candles lit in an empty room or when you aren’t at home and always check that your smoke alarm works regularly.

Just follow the steps above to help ensure that your property is kept safe this winter. Ensure that you choose the right home insurance policy for your needs, we are are happy to look around on your behalf and get the best deal to suit your needs so that not only will you be adequately covered, but also so that it will be affordable. 

If you are interested in Home Insurance or any kind of insurance, give us a call (1890-746-759). Our website is also here to answer any of your questions and to give you a FREE quotation on your insurance. We also have a twitter and a facebook page that you can use to contact us, should you have any questions. – 

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