Looking for the cheapest rates in car insurance is simpler than you think …

Knowing who among all the companies is the cheapest for car insurance is not easy: there are countless insurers as well as hundreds of brokers across Ireland. With so much options out there, finding cover that is not harsh on the finances is not straight forward.

Many hours can be spent logging on the Internet for quotes on top of making countless phone calls in search of the lowest price possible. Even if you find a place that offers you a great price, are you sure the level of cover you expect is there? Often, a cheap quote reflects cheap cover. 

This is especially the case if you go through the whole process of buying online – you may be saving a packet at face value, but you can’t be sure if you are getting the best deal without speaking to a qualified advisor before going ahead with the policy. You may be asking yourself is there a broker out there that finds the best cover at the lowest price available in the market?

Well, there is – SimplyInsure.ie! We guarantee that our insurance team will do their level best to research our carefully selected network of over 14 motor insurers, giving us great purchasing power to beat down prices without cutting away from important benefits such as windscreen cover, breakdown assistance and no claims bonus protection.

We do all the hard work in getting the right cover at the right price so you can get on with more important things in life. Don’t bother wasting your time looking for who is the cheapest for car insurance: do that one simple thing and contact SimplyInsure.ie today by giving a call to 1890 746 759. If you are pressed to make a phone call, why not request us to give you a ring back by e-mailing info@simplyinsure.ie.