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Windscreen cover is a benefit on most car insurance policies which covers the cost of repairing or replacing your car’s windscreen

The process of making a windscreen cover claim is easy, fast and hassle-free. And best of all, availing of windscreen cover does not affect your No Claims Bonus – so you won’t lose any discounts you’ve built up over the years. Cover is generally offered as standard by most insurance companies. And it’s not just the windscreen you can claim for.


Windscreen cover – despite its name – is also valid for the rear window as well as the car door window. It does not, however, provide cover for wing mirrors or sunroofs. Once you’re covered, all you have to do is contact your insurer directly to book in a session to have your windscreen repaired or replaced. In many cases, there aren’t any forms to fill out and your insurance company will cover the entire cost of the repair.


While each insurer has approved glass repair companies who are recommended to carry out glass repairs and replacements, you are not obliged to use them. If you choose to use a company that is not a recommended partner of your insurer, there can be limits as to how much you can claim to cover the cost of repairs.