Professional Indemnity Insurance is a type of liability cover which indemnifies businesses against by acts of negligence, error or omission on their part that cause financial losses for a third party

Essential for the professions, Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance provides cover against damages caused by a business to a third party. Such instances that come under the PI cover are acts of negligence, errors or omissions of facts or bad advice by the business which result in financial losses for a client. PI also covers your business against any legal costs that arise from defending your company against a claim.


While the fundamentals of PI cover are the same for all the professions, what you are covered for is not. No two businesses are alike – which is why sound advice from an independent broker (like us) is essential before you commit to taking out a policy that could potentially be useless. As experienced commercial insurance brokers, we know how important it is for businesses to have not just the right cover, but pay the right price for it too!


We can arrange for PI cover either as a stand alone policy or as part of a cost-effective commercial insurance package. No matter if you take it out on its own or have it included as part of an ‘all-in-one’ policy, rest assured your business will be well looked in the event of a PI claim and help your company keep your hard-earned reputation intact.


Don’t take your company for granted – make the simple choice and come to for your PI cover. Given the unique nature of the professions, we suggest that you either call us on 1890 746 759 to chat with our professionals or leave a message with an outline of your business needs as well as contact details for a member of our staff to call you back and look after you.