There are many reasons why you should go to an insurance broker

When buying insurance, you could be forgiven for thinking that by going direct to an insurance company will save you money. Perceived as middlemen in the insurance process, the idea of saving money by taking out insurance with a broker might be alien to some. But that’s not at all the case. In fact, brokers are more than often more competitive premiums while giving great cover. On top of that, there are more advantages of entrusting a broker with your insurance needs as opposed to going to and fro to every underwriter directly.

Beyond saving money for people, a good broker (like us!) will consider your particular needs when looking for the right cover. By going direct to insurers yourself, you are limiting yourself to their products. However, brokers have developed relationships with many insurers (some of which only offer cover through brokers) allowing them to comprehensively research the Irish market. As leading insurers striving to get you the best deal, our experienced agents negotiate with over 14 insurers who offer a diverse range of policies, benefits, and types of cover.

By having a choice of insurance companies at the ready, we have greater scope of getting the right level of cover at the lowest premium. This assures you of the best possible deal for your circumstances – without wasting precious time for the more important things in life. And we make the process of getting great insurance so easy. For the old-fashioned people who like to have a chat, our team are at the ready to quote you over the phone on 1850 746 759. Don’t have time to ring us up – no worries! Get a quick online quote for Car or House Insurance now or request a callback.

What are you waiting for? Experience a great insurance broker and make the simple choice – get insured with today.