When I insure my house, what cover does it actually include?

Knowing what you get when taking out insurance cover for your house can prove to be more difficult than it seems. Ringing various companies and brokers is time consuming. It can also be confusing as different insurers may not be offering like-for-like products, requiring more personal research to compare which is the best quote. Understandably, you simply want the comfort of having your property and personal belongings fully covered at highly competitive premiums.

We at SimplyInsure.ie have a motto which is ‘Insurance Made Simple’. We offer all our clients a full package leaving you can get on with life, safe in the knowledge that your most valuable asset is protected. Normally, policies include cover for both the physical structure as well as its internal contents. To ensure your policy has the right level of buildings cover in place, our advisors accurately calculate the rebuild cost for you.

This is different to the current market value of the property which may be lower than the cost needed to reconstruct it. Ensuring this is correct is of the utmost importance when insuring any structure: if the building sums insured is not enough to cover the rebuilding bill, you will be forced cover the cost gap from your own pocket which can prove to be very costly as the principle of average clause will take effect. We insure contents for loss or damage arising from a range of events such as storms, burst pipes or flooding.

Accidental damage is a benefit that we offer to all our customers when contacting us for a quote. Note that other brokers and companies do not necessarily provide accidental coverage on their policies. We don’t skimp on this benefit as we know that small accidents can happen around the house no matter how careful we try to be. You probably think that you have to pay a lot of money for such cover. You would be pleasantly surprised as our standard House Insurance product is available from only €175.

What does it take for someone to get great cover? Simple, either call one of our brokers on 1890 746 759 or get a quick quote by clicking on ‘Simply Quote’ below now.