Contents Insurance is a special type of insurance that covers just the contents of a property
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A contents only policy is normally taken out by those who are renting from a landlord, but it can be taken out by people who own their homes too. This form of House Insurance insures any possessions not permanently attached to the physical structure of the home. To understand what is covered as part of contents cover, imagine if you were able to take your home, take off its roof and turn it upside down. Anything that falls out of it would be covered under a contents insurance policy while any structures nailed down would need to have Buildings Insurance.


Some of the typical things that should fall out would be various household goods such as domestic appliances, furniture, ornaments and personal effects. As expert insurance brokers, we recommended contents insurance for those who are renting a house or an apartment as a cost-effective means to protect their possessions from a range of risks such as accidental damage, ‘acts of God’ as well as theft (attempted or otherwise). Policyholders can also avail to insure specific valuable objects that are regularly taken out of the home, ensuring that you would be able to claim if anything happened to these items. In certain cases, contents left in exterior structures or in gardens adjoining the home.


Contents cover gives great piece of mind should the worst happen …

Personal belongings are very like precious memories – they build up over a lifetime. Making your place a home doesn’t come cheap. So what would you do if you lost some – or even all – of your contents due to a flood or a burglary, and couldn’t replace them due to the fact you had no cover? We may not be able to prevent such things from happening, but we can put the right cover in place to so you won’t be out of pocket when replacing contents.

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