Don’t know what documents you need to produce to an insurer when getting car insurance? No problem – we’ll tell you exactly what you need to submit to get insured!
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When you have decided to go ahead and insure your car with an insurance company, you will be asked to furnish some documents in order to get insured. These documents are listed below:


Original No Claims Bonus Certificate

You can be awarded a No Claims Bonus of up to 75% from an insurer provided you keep claims-free for as long as you drive. Before your renewal date, your current insurer will post you out an Original No Claims Bonus Certificate showing how many years you have earned to date.


Should you choose to move to another company who is offering you a better deal on insurance, you must send the original (not a copy of it) given to you by your previous insurance company by post to your new company.


Proposal Form

When you agree to take up a car insurance policy, you are sent a Proposal Form (some insurers also refer to it as a Statement of Fact). It shows all information that you would have given to a member of insurance staff to get the quote you got. A typical Proposal Form would show information relating to the main driver and named drivers, the details of the vehicle, the type of cover (fully comprehensive, third party, fire and theft etc.) as well as information relating to any accidents, claims and convictions.


In order to get cover, you must declare that all the information given is correct by signing and returning the proposal form via post.


Copy of Licence(s)

You are required to forward a copy of both sides of the all drivers insured on a policy (i.e. the main driver as well as any named drivers). Submitting your licence provides important information that affects premiums such as the licence type (full licence, learner permit etc.), the driver’s age as well as if they have any convictions or penalty points. It also makes sure that information given at the quotation stage matches up correctly.


Copy of Logbook

A photocopy or e-mail scan of both sides of the vehicle’s logbook must be produced. This ensures the insurance company that the main driver is the owner of the vehicle and that the vehicle information matches what was given by the policyholder during the quotation process.


Statement of Suitability

Whenever you get a new or a renewal quote from an insurer, you will be sent out a Statement of Suitability. This is a document that outlines that the insurer has taken your specific needs into account in getting you the most competitive quote possible. A Statement of Suitability must be signed, dated and returned to your insurance company along with all necessary documents.


There are also some documents that may have to be produced depending on certain circumstances, each of which is described below:


Copy of NCT

If your car is four years or older, it will have to undergo a NCT (National Car Test) exam to ensure that it is roadworthy. If your car is subject to NCT tests, you will have to produce either a photocopy or e-mail a scan of the NCT cert or disc.


Gap in Cover Declaration

If you have not renewed your policy before your renewal date, you will have to sign a Gap in Cover Declaration stating that you haven’t held insurance since the expiry date of your previous insurance policy and that you haven’t had any accidents, claims, convictions or prosecutions pending since the expiry date of your previous policy.


Direct Debit Mandate

If you are availing of a Direct Debit facility to pay for cover over the course of the year, you must complete a Direct Debit mandate (provided by your insurer) which must be then returned to your insurance company as soon as possible so that it can be processed.