As insurance brokers, we always strive to meet the specific insurance needs of people. This means we actively seek partnerships with new insurers who offer ‘niche’ products. And we are pleased to announce that we can now offer Thatched Cottage Insurance as well as Mobile Home Insurance!

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These new insurance products are now available from our staff members. We are well aware of the difficulties faced by those who are looking for these types of insurance. Many insurance companies and brokers in Ireland do not even insure mobile homes and thatched cottages – and those that do usually charge a lot of money for cover.

Thanks to our commitment to adding more companies to our network of insurers, we are now in a position to offer Thatched Cottage Insurance as well as Mobile Home Insurance at very competitive rates. Rest assured that our efforts to get you low premiums results in low cover. We will always give you cover that matches your specific needs so you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Contact a member of our insurance team today for a great deal either by getting a quote over the phone on 1890 746 759 of, if you’re pressed for time, request a call back and we’ll call back to give you a quote!