Comprehensive cover on car insurance is now very cheap

We are always committed to getting the people of Ireland very good car insurance for cheap. That is why we have great news for you – we have beaten down the price of our fully comprehensive cover. Now, you can get a great policy from us from the small sum of €221 which works out at just over 60c a day. You are probably asking how could we do this? Simple. By building up strong relationships with more than 14 leading insurers, this allows us to negotiate the price down without the need to cut away the quality of cover.

With great benefits such as road side assistance, windscreen cover, no claims bonus protection offered as standard, great value for money insurance is always assured. As our main business streams are online, the costs saved in not advertising through expensive television or radio campaigns are passed onto you in the form of lowered premiums. Moreover, our online quotation system brings additional efficiencies which further reduce the amount you have to pay for cover.

Despite all this, you may still think that a cheap premium means having to put up with poor customer service. Not with us. Our friendly qualified advisors are always on your side should you need assistance with a claim and will strive to make the process as brisk and smooth with other involved parties. With the same great car insurance at very cheap prices, you have no excuse to get a quick quote.

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