As house insurance brokers, we will always work hard to save you as much money while getting you the best cover possible. But we have some nice tips that will help cut the cost of insuring your home and its contents – without cutting at cover
House Insurance
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We’ve put together a few clever tips that will knock down your House Insurance premium without having to give up those handy benefits such as accidental damage cover. You’ll be surprised how much you could save by following these suggestions:


Get covered with the one insurance company

If you already have, say, a car insurance policy with a particular insurance company, it may be possible to get a discount by insuring your house and its contents with the same insurer. Indeed, we can offer discounts of up to 20% when you take out multiple policies with the same insurer through us.


Install a burglar alarm and some smoke detectors

Insurance companies reward policyholders who take measures to reduce the risk of fire or theft. For example, insurance companies offer large discounts of up to 20% for anyone who has a burglar alarm system installed in their home. In order to get such a discount, you will need to get an NSAI approved alarm installed in your home and then provide written proof of installation to your insurance company or broker. There are also further discounts available to those who also have a few smoke alarms put in the home.


Make sure all locks are secure

Similar to installing a monitoring system and smoke detectors, fitting security locks on all your external doors and windows. It reduces the risk of being broken into as reinforced locks make it harder for a burglar to break into your own home. As a result, some insurers would give a discount for homeowners who have this measure in place.