So what exactly is Third Party, Fire and Theft or (TPFT)
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A Third Party, Fire and Theft policy or (TPFT) policy protects any insured driver against any claims made against them by a third part for example another driver or passenger. Like basic third party cover or (TP), Third Party, Fire and Theft compensates the policy holder or named drivers in the event of claims made by third parties in the following instances: 


  • Damage to another driver’s vehicle due to negligent driving of the insured


  • Damage to property caused by negligent driving of the insured or a passenger in the insured’s vehicle


  • Personal injuries to passengers or other drivers following a collision with an insured’s vehicle


However any person with Third Party, Fire and Theft will also be able to claim for loss or damage to their own car or any accessories within the car as a result of fire (arson, self-ignition etc.) or theft (attempted or otherwise) – provided they are not at fault. We would recommend this type of policy for those who drive a low-value car or young drivers beginning to drive for the very first time.

This is simply because it is cheaper than fully comprehensive cover but at the same time offers broader cover than a basic Third Party policy. While Third Party, Fire and Theft cover is not as broad as Comprehensive Car Insurance, you can add extra benefits onto a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy such as Windscreen Cover at a nominal cost.