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The autumn weather is back with that distinct flavour or rain, wind and thunder and it is important that you are safe on the road. We at simplyinsure have composed a short list of helpful and handy road tips that you need to know.


Wear those Seatbelts

Despite being a law, many of choose to risk the roads without them. Perhaps we were in a rush or perhaps we consider them a nuisance, either way it is illegal. Not only that but you can get into a serious accident by not wearing them. There have been many cases of accidents where if the driver or passenger of a car hadn’t been wearing their seatbelt, they might not be alive.


A seatbelt is important for your safety and your loved ones. So please make sure before you take to the road, that you and those in your car are wearing their seat belts. It is also important to remember that children aged 3 and over and up to 11 must use appropriate child car seats when travelling.


Be Alert!

Roads can be very hectic at times and other times very easy going, it is important that no matter what the roads are like to be vigilant. Always take note of road signs and any damage to the roads, this helps you prepare for any that should arise.


Remember to stick to your side of the road and obey road markings, they are there to protect you and keep you safe. And always stick to the speed limit; there is a limit for a reason. We are simplyinsure like to say it is better to be safe than sorry.


Stay Awake at the wheel!

We all get tired, that is a fact of life, especially if we have an early morning or late night with a long drive ahead of us where our concentration starts lacking and we become tired. Normally this isn’t an issue, but it is a growing concern at the wheel. It is important to stay alert as you are in control of fast moving vehicle. So if you feel yourself growing tired or nodding off, then pull over at the nearest available spot and take a breather.


Mobile Phones

It is illegal in Ireland to operate a phone when you are at the wheel. Not only is it a distraction, but it takes your eyes and hands off the wheel. This means that you are distracted and not paying attention to the road or other drivers. It can be very hard to react if something goes wrong, so please if you need to operate a phone, pull over and handle the phone call or text.


Remember if a quick two second text can be responsible for a major accident.


Be Aware!

It is quite common with Irish weather for roads to flood or for accidents to happen. So take note of any signs or radio mentions of road difficulties and take special precautions to  avoid them. 



Remember that by following road safety tips, drivers can reduce their premium over time by building up a no claims bonus and that lowers the cost on your motor insurance you’re your pocket! If you want to know about road safety, you can click here.


Want to get a quote?

Or perhaps you want to find out a little more, well you can either use the quick quote online where an insurer will call you back and advise you or you can talk to one of our expert motor insurance advisors on 1890-746-759 for a quote.