Securing Car Insurance Policies in Ireland is Easier than You Think

When purchasing a vehicle from either a private owner or at a dealership, the seller will recommend taking out an insurance policy for it. Current car owners, however, endure some potholes on that front, thus requiring assistance from a party highly knowledgeable about car insurance in Ireland.

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It’s only natural to search for an insurance company that can offer you the lowest possible car insurance quotes. Unfortunately, it can be a tad difficult to do so on your own. Joe Leogue of the Irish Examiner said such was the case involving Liam Coleman of Belgooly, County Cork.

In an interview, Coleman laments that he spent two weeks calling up several insurers about buying a new policy for his VW Transporter family van. The vehicle’s existing policy lapsed off during his search, and the then-insurer ruled out a renewal due to new corporate directions that didn’t include covering nine-seater family vans. The van was the Colemans’ only vehicle. Both Mr. Coleman and his wife used it as fully-licenced drivers, and they’ve never filed a claim for it, despite the auto tax totalling €1,000 every year.

Another Way In

The above case is tailor-made for a company like Simply Insure to help you secure a workable car insurance policy. First, you need to fill out an online form with your basic personal details, employment information, drivers’ licence, and the registration details of the vehicle you want to insure. Take care to include other items such as how many people use the vehicle and the presence of anti-theft devices; some insurers find favour in the machines’ importance.

Your insurance broker will then discuss your application with you to gain a better understanding of your needs. After this, your broker will negotiate with insurers on your behalf. You will then be provided a list of the insurance companies that offer you coverage. Take the time to discuss your options with your broker to help you choose the policy that provides the best coverage at the best rates.


Even if there’s considerable progress in securing a car policy, there are still red flags you must avoid when the policy is in place. The Consumers Association of Ireland stresses that insurers should be informed by letter if there are any changes to the vehicle. These changes can increase or reduce premiums. Some insurers are known to invalidate policies upon learning that aftermarket parts were installed on the vehicle.

Purchasing a car is a large investment, and should be protected as such. If you would like to purchase a new policy for your vehicle, do not hesitate to get in touch with a trusted insurance brokerage.


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