Protecting your No Claims Bonus is a great way to save money on your Car Insurance. It may add a small amount to your premium, but it is worth adding to your Car Insurance policy in the long term. There are two types of No Claims Bonus protection that can be added to motor policies: (1) Partial or “Step-Back” protection and (2) Full No Claims protection.

With Partial or “Step-Back” protection, you would be able to retain some of your No Claims Bonus in the event of making a claim. On the other hand, having Full No Claims protection will allow you to make up to 2 claims within a 3 year period without it affecting your No Claims Bonus.

We advise people to avail of Full No Claims Bonus if they have at least 5 years No Claims Bonus, as their premiums could increase up to at least 50% as they would lose all their No Claims Bonus (if they have “Step-Back”, they would only lose around half of their No Claims Bonus).

If you are unsure of what level of No Claims Bonus you should have, a member of staff at can advise you today on 1890 746 759 or send us an e-mail on

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