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It’s that time of year again, the winter season. It’s nearing the end of November and temperatures are beginning to plummet across the country. Some regions have been experiencing it for quite some time, while others are only getting their first chill, but one thing is for sure, December is barely a week away. 

While most of us love this time of year, especially children when they get a snow day (as rare as it is) but your car does not. The poor thing as to put up with horrible weather, bad roads and the added pressure the frosty weather put’s on it’s engine and other internal parts and let me tell you, sometimes it can cause extensive and costly damage!

You might think that the salt on the roads to thaw the ice will only do good, combined with the added moisture on the roads during the winter, it can corrode your car’s lovely paint and aluminium frame. 

And remember, during the winter months, the roads can be in very poor conditions and this can cause a threat to both the car and it’s driver. 

However fortunately for you, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are several precautions you can take to prevent damage to your car and to keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads this winter. 


Check Those Tires

Roads are dangerous things especially during the winter months. Making sure your tires are up to spec is very important. What you are looking for is that the tire pressure and tread on the tires are in good condition. The thread is especially important as it is this that will give your car a could grip on the road this winter. 


Wax Your Car

If you are worried about your car’s paint or frame, then you should consider getting it waxed. Getting your car waxed is a very good to protect it from corrosive materials like salt. 


Fill Your Tank

During the winter months, moisture can build up inside your tank and corrode the metal inside and if it freezes it can cause quite a lot of damage. This can be easily rectified by having a full tank. 


Window Wipers

A small thing, but it can make a lot of difference on a dark evening when the weather is especially bad. Your eyes and ears are one of the most important assets you have when driving on the road. Making sure you can see the road ahead of you, is very important, because a seeing something even seconds earlier can make the different between life and death especially on the roads. 


Tune Up Your Car

If your car hasn’t recently been for a tune up, it might be a good idea to take it for one now before the winter hits. This can often save you in the long run. Cars have it bad during the winter and being able to face something in good condition often makes a big difference. Another added bonus is that by getting a tune up now, you can avoid costly repairs that might arise due to an accident during the winter and most of us are strapped for cash during the season due to present buying and January sales. 


Be Prepared

Although we can’t always know when an accident is going to occur, we can be prepared for the worst. When travelling during the winter, it’s a good idea to keep a bag of road salt, a shovel, some gloves and a window scraper in the car at all times. Most of the time your car can get stuck in the snow, or it might freeze and by having a bag of salt or a shovel or both can be a great bonus. 

And please we at are urging all drivers to be alert when driving on the roads. It can be easy to get distracted when driving, we have all taken our eyes off the road for a minute or two, but it is important that you keep yourself safe. 


As always be alert, look out for any warning signs on the road and if you have time listen to the radio traffic reports, someone might have called in an accident that you might be able to avoid running into. 


If your phone rings, please do not answer straight away. Find a space to pull in and then either answer the phone or call the person back. Not only is it illegal to talk on the phone while driving, it can be very distracting and has been known to be the cause of quite a lot of damages. 


And please make sure that you and your car are covered by insurance. Not only is it also illegal to drive on the roads without insurance, but having the right cover can mean the difference between a debt free Christmas or a Christmas with a bill for car repairs hanging over your head. 


Remember if you have any questions about car insurance or any type of insurance, please feel free to browse our website, contact us via twitter or facebook or you can give us a call on (1890 746 759) and we will be happy to provide whatever assistance we can.