Depending on its country of origin it may be possible to exchange your full driving licence for an Irish licence. Ireland has agreements with most EU/EEA States and recognises full driving licences issued by competent authorities so there shouldn’t be a problem doing this if your licence has been issued within the EU. Ireland also has agreements with a few other countries and territories, these are:

– Australia

– Gibraltar

– Isle of Man

– Japan

– Jersey

– South Africa

– South Korea

– Switzerland

– New Zealand

If you fall into the above category you need to complete an application form for a full licence, which is available at your local Motor Tax Office, Post Office or Garda Station which is used for the application or renewal of a driving licence.

You will need to complete the Exchange of Drivers Licence form.

Also, if you have an underlying medical issue or you wish to drive a higher category of vehicle (Truck or other heavy vehicles) you will also need to have a medical examination by a registered practitioner who will complete a medical report form on your behalf.

All of the above forms are available through your local Motor Tax Office and if you have any questions on this process simply contact your local Motor Tax Office.

If you are outside of the above criteria and you have lived in Ireland longer than 12 months you can apply for a licence in Ireland after completing the Driver Theory test to receive your Provisional Licence and then apply to take your driving test and pass it.