Learner drivers need to drive safely even after passing driving test

From next summer, learner drivers will be obliged to display ‘N’ or novice plates on their vehicle for the first two years after passing the national driving test. These newly qualified drivers face being disqualified for up to six months if they were to rack up just six penalty points during the two year novice period. Also, there will be an increase in the amount of penalty points gained for a range of motor offences such as speeding and being caught using a mobile phone.

Key in these measures is encouraging both learner and novice drivers to drive safely which ties in with the Government’s aim of further reducing the number of deaths on Ireland’s roads. The Road Traffic Bill outlining changes for these motorists will be published in the near future. Penalty points for those failing to display either ‘L’ or ‘N’ plates may also be introduced among these amendments. While these measures seem stringent, a no-nonsense approach from Government bodies has sharply reduced the amount of people who lose their lives on our roads.

135 people have died due to road accidents so far in 2012 which is eight less than the same period of time last year, putting Ireland amongst the top EU countries for road safety. However, the Minister of Transport, Leo Varadkar, is aiming for top spot when it comes to our motorists being safe on the roads. The message is clear for the approximate 100,000 learner drivers who will be affected by the rules when they come into effect next summer to continue good driving habits even after passing the test.