Most people are fortunate to never have to make a motor insurance claim. However, there may be involved in a car accident where you may have to claim. will outline some key tips to deal with the aftermath of an accident:

1. Swap information with the other party (or parties) involved in the accident such as names, addresses, contact details, details of your motor insurance, registration numbers, and make and model of the cars.

2. If there are any witnesses present, note their names, addresses and contact details.

3. Never accept liability for the accident. It is best to leave appropriation of blame to both the Garda Síochana and the insurers.

4. You are obliged to report the accident to the company that provides your car cover as well as the Garda Síochana as soon as possible giving full details of the accident.

5. Whilst talking to your insurer, ask them for a claim form so that you can complete it giving the fullest information possible.

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