Saving money on car insurance can be so simple …

With finances being tough as they are, everyone wants to save money when they insure their car. But those savings can often be at the expense of having the right level of cover which, ironically, could leave you out of pocket should an accident occur. However, there are novel ways that anyone can cut down on the premium while still being adequately covered.

Indeed, we recommend a few simple steps below to get cheaper car insurance and keep more money in your pocket, especially for the upcoming festive season:

1. Put your other half on a policy

Adding a spouse or partner as a named driver on your policy often results in a drop in premiums. It also works the other way too. The other person in your life can also nominate yourself as a named driver so you both save those precious pennies.

2. Pay for cover in full straight away

Getting the money together to pay off for cover in one go may be hard for some people, but being able to give the full premium upfront saves money. Granted, monthly instalments paid by Direct Debit are convenient in the sense that you can spread payments over many months of the year. However, there is an additional cost setting up a payment plan. Insurance companies charge interest as well as administration fees.

3. Older but … cheaper

Becoming older is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when getting a lower price on car cover. Statistically, the older a driver is, the less likely they are to be involved in a car accident. This is reflected in a gradual downward trend in the cost of car insurance as you age – provided you don’t claim and lose your No Claims discount.

4. Get a discount for being an infrequent driver

Drivers who don’t clock up a lot of miles can avail of a discount. Those who don’t travel more than 8,000 km (or 5,000 miles) over a year could get 5% off the price of their premium. The reasoning behind allowing a discount is that people who drive less often have a lower chance of causing road accidents.

We have another simple tip for you to save on car insurance – get covered with us! Not only do we give you the best advice on pushing down premiums, our Fully Comprehensive package is available from just €221 making it easy to get the best deal out there.