It’s hard these days to avoid ads from the Road Safety Authority advising us to be careful when we get behind the wheel. Being a safe driver is not only good for the security of other road users – it’s also good for your insurance premiums!
A picture showing a car approaching an unsafe road
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It is always best to be aware of the dangers on Irish roads and by following these safety tips, you can stay safe and avoid unnecessary accidents on the road:


Potholes a rising danger!

Nearly everyone has had a run in with a pothole or two on one of Ireland’s roads and if you haven’t yet, you soon will. Potholes are quickly becoming the scourge of Irish road users all over Ireland. And while you may consider them an annoying nuisance, they pose a very real danger to Irish road users. Not only can they cause quite a lot of damage to your car such as the suspension, the rims and tyres, steering alignments and shock absorbers, they can also cause accidents when a driver needs to swerve to avoid them which isn’t good for you the driver or on coming traffic.


And with many types of council cutting their funding for road maintenance work and basic repairs, this unfortunately means that we can expect to see many more potholes on Irish roads for some time longer. Now the best way to protect you and your vehicle and provide yourself with a bit of peace of mind at the end of the day is by insuring your vehicle with the best motor insurance policy around and by following these tips for safe driving.


Wear those seat belts!

Although it is the law, many of us choose to risk the roads without them. Not only is this illegal, but you can get into a serious accident by not wearing them. Remember that children aged 3 and over up to the age of 11/12 must use an appropriate child car seat when travelling.


Be Alert!

Always be vigilant when on the roads, keep an eye out for road signs and any damage to the roads well before they are onto of you, this helps you and anyone behind you respond properly to anything on the road.


Keeping to the speed limit

Always keep to the speed limit. If the road or weather conditions are bad, then if possibly reduce your speed, this can help you avoid unnecessary accidents on the road.


Stay Awake

We all get that fatigue feeling. Where our concentration starts lacking and we become tired. Normally this isn’t an issue, but at the wheel, it is important to stay alert. So if you feel yourself growing tired or your concentration starting to go, pull over at the nearest available spot and take a breather.

Remember that by following road safety tips, drivers can reduce their premium over time by building up a no claims bonus and that lowers the cost on your motor insurance you’re your pocket! If you want to know about road safety, you can click here.


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