With summer holidays approaching, there are many people who may leave their home unoccupied for the time they are away. Granted, you may be more occupied with making sure you have the important things for the holiday such as the passport and the sun cream!

However, it is a very good idea to take some measures to insure that unwanted guests don’t visit whilst you are away enjoying yourself. Here are four quick tips that you can do before you leave the house:

  1. Give the house a thorough clean so that you can check what valuables you should hide from view, what items should be taken or given to a neighbour, family member etc.
  2. Make the house look like there are people inside. For example, you could set a timer on some lights in the house for the evening or, if possible, leave the car in the driveway of your house. Doing this can give potential burglars the impression that the house is currently inhabited.
  3. Ensure that all doors and windows are properly locked before you depart. Also make sure your garage and shed is also locked.
  4. Get yourself ready in advance for travelling so that you are not under pressure to have the house secure before leaving.

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