Insurance can be a hard sale to most, but it is becoming a bigger expense to many as they fall in common pitfalls and with several common claims being logged every month

Insurance Check List
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First, What To Avoid!

Insurance is there to help you protect yourself and your finances in the case of a real emergency. However many are paying for more than they have to for this type of protection. So whether you are a first time buyer or had coverage for years, keep your cost down by avoiding these common mistakes.


Did you know…?

Increasing you insurance excess can lower your monthly premium? Those with low car and homeowners insurance excesses often end up paying quite a lot more in their premiums than they can ever hope to recover in claims. A low excess often entices you to make smaller claims which can end up costing you that important No Claims Free Discount! Boosting your excess not only reduces your premiums, but it gives you some extra savings to cover those out of pocket expenses.


Insuring your Home for Market Value

A common mistake many make is by insuring their homes for only the market value. The market value and rebuild cost are not the same. You need enough insurance to pay to rebuild your home should the unfortunate happen such as fire or water damage. If you need help with this you can use our online quote calculator or call us (1890 746 759) and get a quick quote on household insurance.


Shop Around!

Whether you are buying for the first time or had insurance for years, this is a very common mistake people make. Just because you got a good deal a year or more ago, does not mean that you have the best one now. Get price quotes from several insurers whenever you experience a major change in your life, for example if you get married or buy a new car. This is also a good option to do if you experience a sudden rate hike!


Plan Ahead

Start that all important pension early! We’ve said this before and we will say it again, the earlier you start, the longer you have to build up your savings. As the leading pension advisors can listen to your needs and put together a cost effective plan that will suit your needs!