Unoccupied House Insurance

Insuring an ‘Unoccupied’ House doesn’t have to be difficult …just ask Simply Insure

Obtaining insurance for an unoccupied house can be very difficult. Indeed, many Insurance Companies do not / will not quote for Properties that are vacant on either a short or long term basis. This is because ‘unoccupied’ Houses are considered by Insurance Companies to be a far higher risk particularly with regard to such exposures as Fire, Property Owners Liability, Theft and Vandalism.

Unfortunately, things in life can happen that result in a house becoming vacant and you still need cover. Such situations could be:

– The property owner has died

– The property owner is moving into a retirement home

– A landlord is finding it difficult to replace a tenant who just left the rental property

– The house in question is currently for sale but not inhabited

– The owner is leaving the area or country for a whole year (or longer)

– The house has been newly constructed and is ready to be occupied

However, we at Simply Insure are able to source appropriate insurance solutions to cover many if not all of the above situations at affordable premiums.

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