Finding the right house insurance can be time a consuming and confusing exercise. You know it is important, you don’t want any unwanted surprises if you need to make a claim, and you don’t want to pay too much. Right?

So make it easy on yourself, relax and feel confident that you have an expert working hard to find you the right house insurance cover at the best price. At Simply Insure we compare policies of more than 14 insurance companies in Ireland to find the one that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Check out our comprehensive list of the different types of insurance cover we can offer you:

House InsuranceHouse Insurance

We offer a range of quality benefits as standard to our house insurance policyholders such as protection against Fire Brigade charges, cover against damage sustained by loss of oil as well as increased cover to contents during those special occasions (wedding, Christmas etc.) for peace of mind. Get a Quote >

landlord-insuranceLandlord Insurance

Our Landlord or Buy to Let policies specifically cover landlords against events such as financial protection against  monies that must be paid out, acts of vandalism or malicious damage caused by those renting from you. We also insure against loss of rent cover in situations where the property becomes uninhabitable. Get a Quote >

contents-only-insuranceContents Only Cover

A Contents Only policy insures all contents such as personal effects, domestic appliances and furniture kept within the property against risks like accidental damage and burglary. Policyholders can also arrange for specific items like sports equipment or jewellery that leave home regularly, ensuring that you would be able to claim if anything happened to these items. Get a Quote >

Non Standard CoverNon Standard Cover

Non Standard House Insurance covers homes of “non standard construction” that may be difficult to find insurance for due to differences in the materials or type of construction used. We have a simple form to complete to determine the cover available for these types of properties. Get a Quote >

thatched-cottage-insuranceThatched Cottage Insurance

Many insurance companies do not provide insurance for those who live in thatched cottages. Our team have access to all the insurers who do, and we will research the market to get you the best cover possible at some of the lowest premiums in Ireland. We also provide cover to property owners who rent out their thatched house or use it as a holiday home as well as properties classed as listed buildings. Get a Quote >

Holiday Home InsuranceHoliday Home Insurance

We have a hassle free approach to insuring properties that are used periodically for holidays such as cottages or other vacation residences within Ireland. Key in our policy is providing cover for both buildings and contents against any loss or damage, even if the property was deemed to be unoccupied. Also, we provide the option of special cover if you choose to rent out the holiday home to visitors. Get a Quote >

unoccupied-house-insuranceUnoccupied Properties

It can be difficult for you to get insurance for an unoccupied property because there is a higher risk of damage accumulation, notably flooding, vandalism or theft, due to the owner not living in the house on a daily basis. However, we are able to provide the best cover for the above situations at the lowest premiums in Ireland. We cover a diverse range of risks for total peace of mind. Get a Quote >