It can be a pain sorting out car insurance for the whole family. Everybody has different renewal dates and needs which often results in countless phone calls to all and sundry. You just want things to be simple …

So that’s why we offer reductions off insurance premiums for those who insure multiple cars with Households can save lots of money when they take out more than one insurance policy with our company. And it’s not just a nice discount they get from us. Anyone insured with can rest in the knowledge that their specific needs are being met at all times.

Make big savings when you insure two or more policies with!

Multi Car Insurance
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We tailor every family member’s policy to make sure that you get the best value for money possible whilst taking the circumstances of each individual into account. It doesn’t matter if you are a parent with many years driving experience under your belt or a school student getting their very first car – our brokers rigorously compare over 14 insurance companies to make sure every premium we quote is the best for your needs.


To see how much your family could save on our multi car insurance packages, contact our team today!

Getting in touch is as easy as making those big savings – either speak to a member of our team by calling 1890 746 749. If you’re busy in work but want to have a chat – there’s no problem! Leave us a quick message with your contact details and we’ll call you to discuss how much we could save you!