‘Fronting’ is a term that is become more widespread in insurance. It is most often used by young and inexperienced drivers as a means to drive down the cost of getting insured. A typical example involves a parent and a child where a parent takes out a policy in their own name but names the child as a named driver on the policy.

On paper, it sounds great. As a young driver, the cost of the premium is much reduced thanks to putting on an experienced driver as the main proposer on the policy even though the named driver is in reality the main driver. You may think you have ‘beat the system’ but if you end up having to make a claim, you may find that the insurance company may not honour it if it sees that ‘fronting’ has taken place.

Fronting also stops the named driver from building up a No Claims Bonus which can only be earned when you are the main proposer. While you earn Named Driving Experience for each year you remain claims-free on another person’s policy, the discounts given for Named Driving Experience are not as good as those for a No Claims Bonus.

Is there any other way around high premiums without having to ‘front’

There is no quick fix for young and inexperienced drivers. The simple fact is that you will have to pay more than someone who has worked up several years claims-free driving experience. By taking the hit on a higher premium now, you will see the benefit in future years when premiums begin to drop as a result of building up a No Claims Discount.

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