Open driving is a benefit that can be added to a car insurance policy that allows other people to drive your carwhat-is-open-driving-on-a-car-insurance-policy

For a small cost, you can have ‘Open Driving’ added onto your car insurance policy. It allows other people with full, clean licences between the ages of 25 and 70 to drive your car while the policy is in force. There are two key advantages to having ‘Open Driving’ on your policy. Firstly, you won’t have the bother of putting named drivers on your policy, especially if you are only going to have someone drive your car on a one-off for a few days.

There’s no hassle with calling up your insurer to add a driver onto your policy – just simply leave them drive your car away! What’s even better for anyone that drives your car while you have ‘Open Driving’ is that they will have the same level of cover as you do. For example, if you have Full Comprehensive insurance, any other driver who drives your car will also be insured on Fully Comprehensive terms like you.

This is unlike most insurance policies that would allow other drivers to drive your car, but without open driving cover, they would only have basic third party only cover. If you are looking to have ‘Open Driving’ added to your policy, check the fine print with whomever you take out cover as each insurer has certain restrictions on driver eligibility. Such limits could relate to not having convictions or being claims-free for a minimum number of years or not have above a set number of penalty points.