Accidental Damage (AD) cover is a great benefit that can be added to a House Insurance policywhat-is-accidental-damage-cover

As the term ‘accidental damage’ suggests, it insures against damage caused accidentally to either the property or any of its contents which costs money to replace. In general, most insurance companies offer AD cover for buildings as standard on their policies. Adding this cover to contents, while highly recommended, is usually optional.

While AD cover is very beneficial to have, insurers can differ on what they consider to be an act of ‘accidental damage’. However, most insurers will cover against events such as spilling of liquids on electrical items (computers, TV’s, appliances etc.) or on any carpets or flooring.

Other insurable instances include shelves collapsing and causing damage to surrounding contents, knocking over an object (say a television falling off a stand) and putting a foot through the ceiling whilst in the attic. Getting AD cover to include damage against contents comes at an extra premium but it is worth having for those unexpected and costly accidents.