Essential Tips For Motorists Driving On The Roads This Winter

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1. Check your Tyres:

Checking your tyres is essential in order to give you the best chance in extreme weather conditions this winter, tyres should be at least the minimum legal thread depth of 1.6mm and should be changed if anywhere near the minimum to give the motorist more grip, avoid getting penalty points and more importantly staying on the road.

2. Make sure all lights on your vehicle are in working order:

As daylight is at a minimum over the winter months and with frequent fog and other extreme winter weather conditions its essential for motorists to make sure all  headlights and taillights are in working order so motorists are easily seen. Lights that are not working should be made a priority to get fixed as failure to do so could result in penalty points and a telling off from An Garda Siochana.

3. Your Brakes:

Make sure brakes are in good working order and that brake pads are not worn below recommended levels, get this checked by your garage or a mechanic if you feel they are and have them replaced.

4. Distance:

Make sure you allow extra distance between you and the car in front as it takes longer to step a vehicle during the winter months when temperatures dip.

5. Make sure you can clearly see:

Before you set off on your journey make sure all windows and mirrors are de fogged and de iced otherwise this can lead to poor visibility which can effect your driving ability on the road.

6. Beware of Black Ice:

Black Ice is one of the winters biggest hazard’s as it is difficult to see. If you do hit black ice, your first reaction must be to remain calm and avoid hitting the brakes . The general rule is do as little as possible, ease off the accelerator and try keep the steering wheel straight as the car passes over the ice.

7. Breakdown:

Motorists need to take great care if their vehicle breaks down on their journey, if the vehicle does happen to breakdown pull the vehicle as far as you can in off the road and turn on your hazard lights. If you do have breakdown cover on your policy contact them when safe to do so to arrange a call out. If you cant locate the breakdown number you will find it on our website under the motor rescue.