When it comes to getting house insurance, your contents often become second priority to insuring the house. However, it is important to ensure that you have the right contents cover to avoid any financial losses in the event of accidental damage. The value of contents insured must be enough to cover the cost of replacement of possessions in the home in the event of damage caused by risks covered on your household insurance policy.

If a claim is made on any single unlisted item, a maximum of 5% of the total insured value will be paid out. For example, if a policyholder has contents cover of €50,000, they would get a maximum payout of €2,500 to cover the cost of replacing that item.

However, we recommend that valuable items such as jewellery, furniture, items of art or electronics should be under specified cover on your House Insurance policy, giving you a pay out of the full value of these items. If you have any queries about the right contents cover for your property, you can simply get in touch with us on 1890 746 759 or send us an e-mail to info@simplyinsure.ie to request a callback.