House Insurance
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When it comes to house insurance, it is vital that you have proper cover and are getting the most from your policy. House insurance can be a complicated matter to some while others know exactly what they need.  We don’t mind which type of person you are, as we are here to help in any means possible.


What Can Go Wrong?

 The most common problem with house insurance is for how much. For instance if you over insure your property for far more than it is worth, the most you will get in the event of a claim is the amount needed to rebuild it and not the amount it was insured for. This means you would be unnecessarily paying more on premiums for no extra benefit, which ends up costing you more.


The other scenario is the opposite, for example if you under insure your property for an amount less than the reconstruction cost, then you will fall short of the rebuilding cost and should something unfortunate happen, you would be unable to rebuild your house without more cost to you. In the short term, under insuring your property means a lower premium, which means you spend less, however if something unfortunate should happen to your home, it may end up costing you twice as much to rebuild the property.


As leading Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves in going that one step further than most companies for our clients and we help our clients have access to the lowest premiums in the Irish market that still suit their needs.



Making a Claim

And should you need to make a claim, we will be there. Making a claim on a house policy can be a tough experience; however our expert team is there for you in your hour of need. Once you call us to put in a call, we will be with you step by step and liaise with other parties to ensure that the claim is carried out in the swiftest possible manner.



I own my house, I don’t need House Insurance

We would disagree. While you are fortunate enough to own your own house and thus have the option of not having house insurance, we would highly recommend that you have both building and content insurance. Accidents don’t just happen to people who have a mortgage, they can happen to anyone and the cost of insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing that your home and contents are covered against anything that may happen such as theft or fire.