We can help you look for cars that are cheap to insure!

Cars that are cheap to insure
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Today, we are giving you some tips here on cars that are cheap to insure. Everyone wants to save as much money as possible on the cost of driving and paying insurance can be a considerable cost, especially for young and inexperienced drivers. Consider the following criteria when on the look out to buy that insurance-friendly car:

1. Engine Size

The size of the engine plays a role in determining the cost of insurance. Luxury cars with powerful engines are more difficult to control which would increase the premium paid. For cheaper driving, we suggest purchasing a standard vehicle with a capacity of no more that 1.3 litres. Not only will this reduce the price of cover, you will also make savings on the cost of petrol or diesel by opting for a lower engine size.

2. Car Value

The market worth of the car bought is another factor that will have an effect on what you pay for cover – the higher the car’s value, the more you will pay. The reason for this is that the insurer would have to pay out more money if a claim had to be made on a brand new car as opposed to a good condition used car. So, go for the more sensible option if you are looking to save.

3. Be A Safe Driver

When you have gotten your car, being a courteous and safe whenever you are on the road is a practice rewarded by insurers – by not being involved in accidents, you will build up a ‘No Claims Bonus’ discount of up to 50% off your total premium each and every year you have your policy renewed. Equally as important is to avoid accumulating penalty points on your licence as having several points will put a loading on quoted prices.

4. Low Mileage

Try to limit the time spent on the roads as you can avail of reduced rates – by not driving more regularly, insurance companies deem you more unlikely to cause an accident or be involved in a collision.

5. Get a quote before you buy

Before buying that car, make sure you get a car insurance quote that you are happy with. Avoiding a situation where the price of insurance does not suit after you have made the purchase is advised. This is where SimplyInsure.ie’s team come in – we are always available to advise those on cars that are cheap to insure and give you the best quote possible so that you are not buying that ideal car unprepared.