If you are a young driver, look no further than SimplyInsure.ie for the lowest prices in Ireland!Young Drivers

It’s not easy being a young driver nowadays. Buying a car, taxing it and getting the NCT sorted is expensive – and that’s before you start shopping around for car insurance. For many between the ages of 17 and 24, getting a quote that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be quite a challenge, especially for males and those with provisional licences or learner permits.

This is where we step in. As specialist brokers for first time drivers, we know that the traditionally high premiums are a deterrent for many to start driving and making that first stride towards being an independent adult.

That is why we have talked to a range of insurance companies (over 14 of them!) to get the price down without the need to trim away those benefits you expect. You get all the benefits of an experienced driver, but we have some little perks that help keep some money in the pocket:

  • If you have built up named driving experience on a parent’s policy, for example, we offer generous discounts on your first policy in your own name.
  • Or, if your parent’s take out a policy with us, we can arrange to put you on the policy as a named driver for 6 months – for free*.
  • We realise that you may not be able to pay for annual cover in one go. So, you can have the option of paying off your policy by monthly instalments.
  • Our highly experienced insurance experts will listen to you so we can provide your with the best cover at the lowest premiums on the Irish market.

Don’t think that as a young driver you will be priced out of the car insurance market. Saving money on your car insurance is simple. Phone us on 1890 746 759 to get a quote over the phone from a member of staff. If you can’t call us – no sweat. Simply send an e-mail to info@simplyinsure.ie with your contact details and we’ll happily call you back.

*Terms and conditions apply.