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Young Drivers
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Getting your first car a young driver is an exciting time – but a costly one too. It is quiet an expense to keep a car on the road in Ireland: you have to top it up with petrol, get car tax, get the car to pass its NCT, have the car serviced, and – most importantly – get car insurance. Motor insurance premiums are more expensive for younger drivers, especially for male drivers. Young men pay higher premiums because they are more likely to be involved in an accident and, as a result, make a claim.

Despite this, there are ways for young drivers to drive down the cost of their car insurance quote. For example, buying a second-hand car with a smaller engine size will cut down the cost of your car insurance premiums as opposed to buying a new sports model. Also, if you have any named driving experience driving under a parent, you may be able to earn some No Claims Bonus straight away. If not, you can work up a No Claims Bonus by driving sensibly when you renew your policy the following year.

Young drivers are welcome to talk to our qualified car insurance advisors on how they could get car insurance for cheaper. With access to over 10 insurers, we can get young drivers a great deal on their motor insurance. Simply save today by calling 1890 746 759 or send us an e-mail to to request a callback.