Can I transfer my pension from one company to another?

With pension products making significant losses, it is understandable for people to see if they can transfer their funds from their current institution. The answer is – thankfully – yes. are specialists in the field of impartial retirement and pensions advice. We will devote our time to you to assess the most appropriate pensions plan commensurate with your own needs and formulate the most appropriate portfolio ensuring you maintain a good standard of living post retirement.

Armed with a range of pensions products from leading Irish pensions and investments companies with guaranteed returns on investments, you can rest assured that your retirement fund will always perform. Moreover, comprehensive advice including annual reviews are standard in our service to clients so you are fully informed at every step towards retirement. Staying in contact with you is important as every decision made has everlasting implications on the level of income available after you have finished work.

Do the right thing for your financial future – you can call us today on 1890 746 759 to transfer your pension or send an e-mail to to organise a callback for a full personal review of your pension.