We are asked on occasion by callers if they can get insured under their own name on a car they don’t own

Unfortunately, a driver who is not named as the owner on a car’s Vehicle Registration Certificate or Vehicle Licensing Certificate will not be able to take out a Car Insurance policy on that car. However, if you, as a driver, want to be insured to drive a car you don’t own, you can be put on the owner’s policy as a named driver. This ensures that you are will be insured whenever they drive the owner’s vehicle.


If being a named driver does not suit, the only other option is for the person looking to be insured to have the ownership of the vehicle transferred to their own name. This will require both the owner and the person looking for insurance to complete the ‘Change of Ownership’ section on the Vehicle Registration Certificate (or Part B of the Vehicle Licensing Certificate for cars that have been owned prior to April 2004).


When completed send it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Computer Services Division (DVCSD) of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport who will then issue you a new Vehicle Registration Certificate with you as the named owner which will then allow you to insure the car under your own name.