Big discounts of up to 20% for those who insure multiple policies at the same time with!
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Everybody loves a good deal, especially during these tough times. As leading insurance brokers, we contact over 14 insurance companies to get people great cover at the most competitive premiums. And while there are ways to reduce how much we pay for our on their Car, House, and Life Insurance policies, many of them require giving up useful benefits which we often take for granted should we ever need to claim.

But saving on insurance doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the level of cover. Unlike the major insurance companies, we can offer substantial discounts for people who have more than one type of insurance with a particular insurer. For example, if you took out a Car Insurance, House Insurance, and Life Insurance policy at the same time with us, we can discount a massive 20% off each premium– without any fuss or hassle!

And it’s not just money you save by having all your insurance policies in the one place. You have the convenience of only having to make one simple call if you ever had a question about one of your policies. So, do yourself a favour and save a bundle on your insurance policies today.

Contacting us is even easier than saving!

If you are pressed for time, why not leave us a quick request for a call back? Just outline the types of insurance you are looking for as well as contact details and one of our insurance team will contact you to see how much you could save. But if you rather have a chat with us sooner, feel free to give us a ring on 1850 746 759 to speak to us about bundling your insurance policies with us.