Benefits Of Travel Insurance

benefits of travel insurance
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Travel Insurance is essential when going on holiday. You wouldn’t drive a car without car insurance, have a house without house insurance and you definitely shouldn’t travel abroad without taking out travel insurance. Why? Because travel insurance gives you peace of mind if something does go wrong while on holiday.

So many people think they are saving themselves a few euro as they see travel insurance as an extra expense and something they will not need. WRONG!!!

Here at Simply Insure let us tell you the benefits of taking out travel insurance and why it’s the first thing you should think about before you book that dream holiday.

Emergency Medical Assistance/ Treatment

This covers the cost of emergency assistance, mainly getting someone to hospital, if injured partaking in some form of activity we strongly advise to check the activity is covered under your travel insurance policy.

This covers the cost of emergency medical treatment, this usually involves being treated at a hospital. Prior authorization by the insurer is normally required if the expected cost of treatment is likely to be above a set amount in the policy wording.

Repatriation covers the cost of returning you to your home country after receiving medical treatment  it also covers the return of your remains in the event of your death abroad.

Apart from medical cover, your travel insurance also offers you protection in case your luggage or personal belongings are lost or stolen.

Cancellation/ Curtailment/ Trip Interruption

If your flight is cancelled or delayed your travel insurance will cover any financial loss, unrecoverable by other means, such as lost deposits or non refundable transport costs, you suffer as a result of having to cancel or cut short your trip or having to return home suddenly.

Common reasons for claiming under this section would be the sudden and unexpected serious illness or death of a family member, or something happening to your home such as flood or fire.

Personal Liability and Legal Expenses

Cover for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you.

Money Insurance

In the event of you suffering loss of cash, bank or currency notes, passport or driving licences whilst on your trip your travel insurance policy will cover subject to the limits on your policy.

Why not let us here at Simply Insure take the hassle out of Travel Insurance for you! Leaving you free to get down to the important business of relaxing.

Whether its soaking up the sun on the Canary Islands, skiing in The Alps or swimming off the coast of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean we have the right policy tailored to suit your needs!

Just complete the online quotation form OR if you wish to speak to a member of staff,  simply call us on 0818 911 000.