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10 Tips for Securing that Home for the Holiday Season


With the holiday season approaching and the evenings getting darker and darker, you’d be surprised how many people will leave their homes unprotected. Now of course with the holiday season on the horizon, many of us don’t want to think about unwanted visitors or accidents but sometimes there is no getting around it.


Everyone has a to-do list to get their home ready for winter. By following these helpful tips, you might be able to shave a few tasks off of yours.


Clean that House!

No, not because if someone came over they would be mortified if it was dirty, but most of the time keeping your house clean can bring certain things to light, for example any damage on the property, any electrical outlets that need a look at and also lets you know where things are, for example if jewellery was lying around that should have been put away but slipped your mind.


Make sure you change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them to see if they are in working order! These devices are literally lifesavers and its important for you and your loved ones that they are in working order. Many of us during the holiday season love to curl up in front of the fire or have a few candles lighting to bring about that holiday atmosphere. However it is very easy to fall asleep or forget about them while making dinner or cleaning the garden.  You’d be surprised how many fires have started simply because a candle was left unattended.


Check that House out!

Go outside and simply inspect your property. Does your roof need some love? A clean roof in good condition is less likely to suffer damage during the harsh months of the winter. Are the aerial mounting secure? Are those gutters clean and secured to your home? Is there any cracks or loose bricks that might need some attention? Make a list and tackle the repairs one by one before the winter sets in. Don’t Delay! Putting off a small problem now can often lead to serious damage later on.


Once that is done, tackle the inside of your house. Many of us don’t realise this in the summer, but many of our doors or windows aren’t properly sealed, this creates a draft in the winter and can often cost you loads in heating bills as most of the heat is escaping through these cracks. To solve this, all you need to do is weather strip any doors or windows that are creating a draft.


Remember a tight seal means low energy bills and more money for you!