Great discounts for those who insure fleets with 3 or more vehicles on our Motor Fleet Insurance packages

Our Motor Fleet Insurance packages are available to businesses who need cover for multiple vehicles (typically 3 or more). As a leading insurance broker, we will work with you to put together a bespoke and cost-effective policy to make sure your business is getting the best deal.

Apart from a great price, you get all these benefits as standard:

Cover for a range of vehicles

We provide cover for all types of vehicles such as vans, company cars and haulage trucks. We also provide cover for special work vehicles like diggers, dumpers and forklifts.

We insure hired, lent or leased vehicles

What’s even better is that owning the fleet is not necessary: we can also arrange for cover on any vehicle(s) which are currently hired, lent or leased. We offer businesses flexibility of controlling their policies so that they can have exactly the right cover at all times.

Choice between Open Driving and Named Driving

Open Driving can be offered allowing any employee to drive any vehicle on your policy. Alternatively, you can nominate a particular driver to be the sole driver of a chosen vehicle if that suits.

For tailored cover, getting in touch is simple – either call us on 1890 746 759 or email to request a callback.